August 3, 2016

About Us

The work of Rosebank is divided into 9 clusters, summarized below.   We would like each member of Rosebank to be involved in one of these clusters—of course to a greater or a lesser degree, depending on each person’s present situation. Prayerfully consider where you could make a contribution, however small, to the more efficient service delivery of Rosebank to our members and to the wider community.
Please make contact with the Society Steward of the cluster of interest to you in order to contribute to and/or be kept informed of developments in that particular cluster.


The Finance Cluster’s functions concern:

Accounting and bookkeeping
Cash handling
Stewardship education
Fund raising projects and events
Publicity and transparency...

Administration And Communication

This cluster plays an important role in ensuring efficient office administration; also ensuring that records are kept securely and proper controls are in place. Communication with the congregation is deemed important.

 Matters of concern to this cluster are:

Registers of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Funerals & Memorials
Membership records & archives
Intra church communications (newsletters, notice boards, information leaflets, etc.)
Church diary and calendar
Church office, reception and administration


This cluster is divided into two parts:

  • Corporate worship functions:

All matters concerning those involved with the Sunday services:
preachers, musicians, readers, stewards, flower arrangers,
sound & media operators

  • Personal spiritual formation functions:

Arrange, or liaise with people who
arrange retreats, quiet days, etc.
Intercessory Prayer Group

Property Trust

The Property Cluster’s functions concern:

Fixed asset maintenance and development
Movable assets (equipment)
Interior decoration, cleaning and refurbishment
Musical instruments
Staff – Appointments, contracts, remuneration, supervision, etc.

Evangelism And Church Growth

The proclamation cluster functions include:

Evangelism and recruitment of new members
Extension into new areas of mission
Ecumenical and Inter-faith relations
Networking with public institutions (local government, educational institutions, commerce, industry, civil society, media)
Public affairs, -relations and -advertising
Web site
Publications for general readership


The service cluster collaborates with various Christian and other charitable organisations to make the world a better place to live in. It comprises two parts:

  • Justice and Service

Street People’s Project,
A-Rocha (A Christian Environmental Group),
HIV/Aids Group,
Liesbeeck Christian Action Group,
Blankets and Food Parcels,
Kairos Prison Ministry,
Marsh Memorial Homes,
Displaced People Ministry
Christmas Gift Appeal2

  • Economic Empowerment and Development

Education Project (a Wesley Guild project)

Spirituality and Education

This cluster can be divided into three parts:

  1. Children’s Ministry includes:

Sunday School
Children’s groups and camps

  1. Youth Ministry includes:

Confirmation Classes
Youth and student groups, camps and special events
Youth counselling

  1. Adult education includes:

Special courses for adults: spiritual growth, lay training, etc.
Resource Centre and resources for Bible Studies, Home Fellowships, etc.
Recording of services

Pastoral Care

This cluster is responsible for developing and implementing methods to grow the Rosebank Methodist Church.

Pastoral care and visitation
Personal pastoral correspondence (greetings, congratulatory, sympathy cards)
Initiation (baptism, confirmation, integration of new members

Community Life

This cluster concerns the community life of Rosebank:

Social events
Linking Lives